What To Do When You Get In Trouble With Chinese Authorities

The best possible scenario when you go to China for a visit is to come home without experiencing any kind of trouble. However, if you are arrested for any reason, you’ll need to be ready to respond act appropriately. The first thing that you need to do is to try not to panic as much as possible, though, because that will only make your situation worse. Remember that you’re not haggling for Promo Codes anymore.

The next things that you should do is all of the tips you’ll find below. These are incredibly important to keep in mind if you ever want to avoid getting stuck in a Chinese prison.

Contacting Your Consulate

The first things that you will usually be instructed to do when arrested is to contact your country’s consulate in China. You can do this yourself or the Chinese authorities will do it for you. It depends. However, you should note that there is very little that your embassy can actually do to get you out of the bind you are in.

At most, your embassy can make sure that you are actually treated well and aren’t being abused by the police as well as help you find a good lawyer to represent you. Even then, the effect that their influence will have will be minimal and sometimes, you have to take matters into your own hands.

Hiring A Local Lawyer

Speaking of lawyers, if you are going to be given the option to hire a lawyer (which you will pay out of your own pocket, by the way) you’ll want to get a local lawyer. That is to say, if you are arrested in Beijing, you’ll want to make sure that your lawyer is actually based in Beijing. Avoid hiring a lawyer from another city altogether, or worse, from a small town. This is only temporarily, however.

Keep Your Arrest Quiet Unless Instructed Otherwise

When you are arrested, you can actually have the option to contact your family members. However, no matter how angry you might be, you shouldn’t be tempted to have your parents or loved ones blare your arrest to the heavens unless you are instructed to do so. This will only make your situation worse.

Hiring Your Country’s Attorney

Finally, once you have your bearings, you can have the chance to contact your own country’s lawyers. They won’t actually be able to represent you, but they can help you in other ways that will hopefully avoid a conviction. Once you’re free, maybe you’ll try Amsterdam Top Sightseeing options next time instead of going back to China.